Why to Join Merchant Navy ?

Career is a small term which highly influences our entire life. We study, we learn, we practice and we look out for the best possible opportunities. And at one certain point, we choose a journey which replenishes our well being. Earlier, there were fewer career options, but today the career zones have reached a different level.

Engineering,Medicine,Law,transportation,Humanities,Aerospace,Public Administration, Management are much in trend. Besides all these benevolent career options, there’s one which  although is less notable but holds impressive benefits.


Every person on this planet holds varied interests and skills. So if anyone among is passionate about traveling and adventure and would love to glide over the seas, then indeed Merchant navy is the best possible option for the same.

Generally, merchant navy is engaged in the safe transportation of goods which are in the form of cargoes, metal ores, machinery, vehicles, crude oil tankers and passengers even from one harbor to another. Now considering Merchant Navy as a career, then some benefits are behind this. Let’s have a look at them for those who are eager to know “Why to join Merchant Navy?”

Merchant navy being a very disciplined career option delivers you an absolute sense of enhanced professionalism. Furthermore, it offers handsome salary package, tax free income, the chance to travel around the world, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and protracted vacation times. And the most exceptional part is that the Merchant Navy demands less educational qualifications.

Still want to know more or yearning to frame a successful career in merchant Navy? If yes, then seek TMA [The maritime Academy], the leading Merchant Navy college in India.