TMA-Career and Life in Marchant Navy

Every career is unique in itself and holds contrasting format. Earlier, there use to be very less number of career options. But now the scenario has changed entirely as you may find abundant of career fields around you. At a certain stage, you’ve to choose an appropriate career. Most prominent career options are Engineering, medicine, Commerce, Arts, law, Finance, Management, Administration, hospitality, Transportation, Defense etc.

Besides all these, merchant navy is one of the trending career zones. Basically, it is entirely related to shipping or transportation of goods which are in the form of metal ores, cargoes, machinery, vehicles, oil tankers and passengers even.

Life and Career in the Merchant Navy is really awesome as this offers the opportunity to travel around the world. Likewise, this career field pays off tremendous amount and all that is tax free, a disciplined lifestyle, meeting new people, limited working hours, mere promotions and impressive future prospects. When it comes to considering the working zones, then they are three in number. Well, you can have an idea via the roles of different zones.


First one is the Deck zone, second one is the Engine zone and the last one is the Hospitality zone. The zones are mobbed up with Navigators, Deck officers, Engine rating officers, Engineers, technicians and Chefs/Stewards/Purser respectively. The deck officers are responsible for safe commanding of the ship, and appropriate cargo handling tasks. Whereas the engineers and technicians are there to ensure smooth operations of the ship altogether with maintenance/repair of the vessels and their propulsion systems. The profile of engine rating officers is for preserving cleanliness and maintenance of the engine room. Last but not the least, chefs/stewards/pursers are in charge of preparing meals, cleaning living spaces and serving the passengers on the ship.

This is how different tasks are executed in merchant navy and I guess that’s enough to get an idea about the energetic life in Merchant Navy.The Maritime Academy is one of the best prominent to join the merchant navy bright career.for more information visit here>>