TMA-Career and Life in Marchant Navy

Every career is unique in itself and holds contrasting format. Earlier, there use to be very less number of career options. But now the scenario has changed entirely as you may find abundant of career fields around you. At a certain stage, you’ve to choose an appropriate career. Most prominent career options are Engineering, medicine, Commerce, Arts, law, Finance, Management, Administration, hospitality, Transportation, Defense etc.

Besides all these, merchant navy is one of the trending career zones. Basically, it is entirely related to shipping or transportation of goods which are in the form of metal ores, cargoes, machinery, vehicles, oil tankers and passengers even.

Life and Career in the Merchant Navy is really awesome as this offers the opportunity to travel around the world. Likewise, this career field pays off tremendous amount and all that is tax free, a disciplined lifestyle, meeting new people, limited working hours, mere promotions and impressive future prospects. When it comes to considering the working zones, then they are three in number. Well, you can have an idea via the roles of different zones.


First one is the Deck zone, second one is the Engine zone and the last one is the Hospitality zone. The zones are mobbed up with Navigators, Deck officers, Engine rating officers, Engineers, technicians and Chefs/Stewards/Purser respectively. The deck officers are responsible for safe commanding of the ship, and appropriate cargo handling tasks. Whereas the engineers and technicians are there to ensure smooth operations of the ship altogether with maintenance/repair of the vessels and their propulsion systems. The profile of engine rating officers is for preserving cleanliness and maintenance of the engine room. Last but not the least, chefs/stewards/pursers are in charge of preparing meals, cleaning living spaces and serving the passengers on the ship.

This is how different tasks are executed in merchant navy and I guess that’s enough to get an idea about the energetic life in Merchant Navy.The Maritime Academy is one of the best prominent to join the merchant navy bright career.for more information visit here>>



GP Rating Course: Ins and Outs

GP Rating or General Purpose Rating course is open to students after they have passed 10th grade. This is a Pre-Sea training and was adopted in India on the request of Shipping Industry and has replaced the former Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses. This course ensures that ratings are prepared and trained to take up most tasks in both, deck and engine departments on board and hence, they are more useful. The course covers many aspect of on board work and hence creates more opportunities for Indian seafarers worldwide.

There are many job opportunities for Ratings. According to International Chamber of Shipping, approximately 721,000 ratings are currently employed by merchant ships across the globe. Careers(merchant navy) at sea offer a gateway to adventure and travel and can be quite fun.


Basic Outline

The Pre-Sea training takes 6 months. This course prepares Ratings to take up roles as Engine crew and Deck Crew. It combines training needed for both roles and hence a wider range of opportunities become available to those taking up the course.

The course includes personal development as well as basic ship knowledge. Students are helped to hone skills like team work, leadership, decision making and more importantly communication skills as they are expected to work with a crew from diverse backgrounds. They are provided all necessary knowledge about ships and shipping industry. This includes nautical terminology, general rope-work, basic navigation, anchor work, bridge watch keeping, cargo watch, lifesaving, fire fighting and much more.


To be eligible to take up this course from TMA one needs to meet the following eligibility criteria:-

  • Education Qualification: Minimum qualification required is being 10th passed from a Recognized Board. Candidates with higher educational qualifications can also apply.
  • Physical or Medical Requirements: The candidates should be physically and mentally healthy to meet the merchant shipping standards and rules. They shouldn’t suffer from color blindness and should have 6/6 vision in each eye. No eye glasses permitted.
  • Age Limit: One should be at least 17 years old.

For more information about eligibility you can visit

Job Scope

There are many opportunities for Ratings. After completing this Pre-Sea training, one can join as crew in both, Indian & foreign shipping companies. They can work in either Engine or Deck department depending on their interest. After gaining required experience, one can seek to be promoted as Bosun, Able-Bodied Seamen / Engine Fitter etc.

Option to get promoted to an Officer level is also available to those who gain relevant experience and clear required examinations. Generally salaries for Ratings start from INR 20,000 per month and may differ depending on the kind of ship it is and the work that is expected.

This is a great course for those looking to start a career right merchant navy after 10th or 12th. Are you one of them?

Why to Join Merchant Navy ?

Career is a small term which highly influences our entire life. We study, we learn, we practice and we look out for the best possible opportunities. And at one certain point, we choose a journey which replenishes our well being. Earlier, there were fewer career options, but today the career zones have reached a different level.

Engineering,Medicine,Law,transportation,Humanities,Aerospace,Public Administration, Management are much in trend. Besides all these benevolent career options, there’s one which  although is less notable but holds impressive benefits.


Every person on this planet holds varied interests and skills. So if anyone among is passionate about traveling and adventure and would love to glide over the seas, then indeed Merchant navy is the best possible option for the same.

Generally, merchant navy is engaged in the safe transportation of goods which are in the form of cargoes, metal ores, machinery, vehicles, crude oil tankers and passengers even from one harbor to another. Now considering Merchant Navy as a career, then some benefits are behind this. Let’s have a look at them for those who are eager to know “Why to join Merchant Navy?”

Merchant navy being a very disciplined career option delivers you an absolute sense of enhanced professionalism. Furthermore, it offers handsome salary package, tax free income, the chance to travel around the world, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and protracted vacation times. And the most exceptional part is that the Merchant Navy demands less educational qualifications.

Still want to know more or yearning to frame a successful career in merchant Navy? If yes, then seek TMA [The maritime Academy], the leading Merchant Navy college in India.


Career and Jobs in Merchant Navy

The world is all about exploring. Well, you can start a benign journey of traveling around the world with the glorious merchant navy. Basically, this is entirely a commercial fleet, which is responsible for transportation of goods like cargoes, metal ores, machinery, oil tankers, vehicles etc. from one harbor to another. The most fascinating part which is driving the youngsters towards this effective career field is that it attracts contrasting future prospects, handsome salary packages and a life mobbed with unlimited adventure.

When it comes to considering the career options of the Merchant Navy, then it can be categorized via three categories. The first category is the Engine Zone, secondly the Deck zone and the furthest one is the Hospitality zone. To move ahead, a candidate initially has to go for a particular course in any of the merchant navy field. The list begins from the Marine Engineering and goes until housekeeping.


The Engine zone is basically all about the maintenance and precise execution of vessel’s operations. The profiles in this zone are Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer and Deck Cadets, Bosun, Welder/Fitter, Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman and Trainee OS. Whereas the deck zone holds different tasks relevant to the proper navigation of the ship, administration of goods and instruments on the ship with exact safety. The profiles for the respective zone are Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Fourth Engineer, Engine Cadet, Electrical Officer, Fitter, Motorman, Wipe and  Trainee Fitter.

Besides this, the hospitality zone involves all the activities connected with the management and the zone include the chief cook, trainee cook and the stewards. Still want to know more about different Merchant Navy jobs, then seek the best matter from The Maritime Academy.`