Merchant Navy Admission Application Form-The Maritime Academy

Merchant Nay is a profitable career option for those who love adventure and technology. The career, which is meant for the appropriate transfer of goods and passengers from one harbor to another is a perfect combination of science, technology and hospitality. The most fascinating part about joining the merchant navy is that around 90% of transit tasks of the entire  world is executed by the Merchant navy only. This fact symbolizes that countless career opportunities can be provided by this respective career field.

As it involves various working zones, so different subjects are put together in the form of maritime courses. Few of the eminent subjects are Ship Building/ Repair, Fleet Operations & Logistics, Comemrical Diving, Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, GP Rating, ETO and Mechanical Engineering, Marine HR, Marine Finance, Shipping, Marine Biotechnology, Petroleum Engineering and Electrical Engineering etc.

The courses are of Certificate level, Undergraduate level, Post Graduate level and Research Level. For all these, the application form can be found online. As it is a challenging task to access into a merchant navy course, seeking an expert who can offer you useful concept can be a better idea. And the TMA, the Maritime Academy is the brand name who has been leading with  a tag of best merchant navy advisor group. The experts have been guiding well the aspirants since 2003. From the procedure, of course selection to the Sponsorship, they can provide you the best possible advice.

Below mentioned application forms are offered by the TMA. Let’s have a look!

B.E. Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering

B.E. Petroleum Engineering

B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering

B.E. Marine Electrical & Electronics Engineering

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

B.E. Ship Building, Repair & Conversion Technology

B.E. Marine Information Technology

BBM Shipping

M.B.A. Shipping & Logistics Management

MBA Shipping Finance

MBA Marine Human Resource Management

MBA Cruise Ship Hospitality Management

MBA Oil & Gas Management

M.Tech. Marine Engineering Management

M.Tech. Petroleum Engineering

M.Sc. Fleet Operations Management

M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology

MS (By Research)

M.Phil. Marine Biotechnology

M.Phil. Marine Microbiology

G.P Rating

Saloon Rating

Direct Entry Scheme

Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)

B.Sc. Nautical Science

B.E. Marine Engineering

Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME)

Marine Engineering under Alternate Training Scheme

B.E Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

Higher National Diploma (Nautical Science) UK

Higher National Diploma (Marine Engineering) UK

GME (Graduate in Marine Engineering)

ETO (Electro Technical Officer)

Commercial Diving

BBA Shipping

B.B.A. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

MBA Shipping Finance

M.B.A. Shipping & Logistics Management

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

B.E Harbour and Ocean Engineering

Deck Officer Trainee Programme

Furthermore, upon choosing your desired course; you can apply online directly for the course with them. All the specific merchant navy application forms are available at their website. For more information, seek The Maritime Academy (TMA).